Trump and Clinton: How they got here

(CNN)In the third and final presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exchanged barbs over the experience each would bring to the White House. Take a look at the wildly different paths that occasionally crossed and led them to this point.

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Born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York.
Born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois.
Graduates from New York Military Academy.

Attends Fordham, transfers after 2 years.

Graduates from Maine South High School.

Serves as President of Young Republicans in college.


Graduates from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Finance and Commerce.

Switches to the Democratic Party and campaigns for Eugene McCarthy.


Graduates from Wellesley College in Massachusetts; Delivers commencement address.

Works with father on developments in Queens and Brooklyn.
Works as a summer intern for civil rights lawyer Marian Wright Edelman.
Takes over father's company and later renames it The Trump Organization.

Meets fellow student Bill Clinton at Yale Law School library.

Works on Sen. Walter Mondale's subcommittee on migrant workers.

The Trumps sell Swifton Village in Cincinnati, Trump's first real estate project, at a profit of roughly half a million dollars.
Graduates from Yale Law School.

Begins work as an attorney for the Children's Defense Fund.


January 1974
Works for John Doar, the special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, who is in charge of the inquiry into the possible impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

August 1974
Moves to Arkansas to join Bill Clinton and teach at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

Director of Legal Aid Clinic at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

1974–77, 79–80
Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

October 11, 1975
Marries Bill Clinton.

Buys the Commodore Hotel in Manhattan with the Hyatt Organization, negotiating a 40-year tax break for what becomes the Grand Hyatt.

Attorney at Rose Law Firm, Little Rock, Arkansas; is named partner in 1979.

Works on Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign.


April 7, 1977
Marries Ivana Zelnícková.

December 31, 1977
Son Donald Jr. born.

Co-founds Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a children's policy advocacy group.
President Jimmy Carter appoints Clinton to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corp., an organization that provides federal funds to legal-aid bureaus throughout the United States.

Serves as first lady of Arkansas after Bill Clinton is elected governor.

Governor Clinton appoints her chairperson of the Rural Health Advisory Committee, whose members deal with the issue of providing health care in isolated areas.

Whitewater Development Corp. is formed by the Clintons and James and Susan McDougal.


February 27, 1980
Daughter Chelsea Clinton born.

October 30, 1981
Daughter Ivanka born.

Buys the New Jersey Generals football team, and signed Herschel Walker to play running back. The team goes under a few years later when the United States Football League folds.

Trump Tower opens in Manhattan.

Governor Clinton appoints his wife to head the Arkansas Education Standards Committee.

Serves second stint as First Lady of Arkansas, until 1992.

January 6, 1984
Son Eric born.
November 1987
Publishes his first book, "The Art of the Deal," a NYT best-seller. Trump would go on to author or co-author more than 15 books.

Establishes The Donald J. Trump Foundation for charitable giving.

Named one of the 100 most influential U.S. lawyers by the National Law Journal; receives the honor again in 1991.
Makes his first political campaign contribution, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Lands on Forbes' billionaire list for the first time.

Divorces Ivana Trump.
Testifies at his first congressional hearing, on the state of the economy.

Files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on the Taj Mahal casino.


Returns to bankruptcy court for his other Atlantic City casinos. This bankruptcy includes the Trump Plaza Hotel in New York, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City as well as Trump's Castle Casino Resort. He gives up half his interest in the New York Plaza to Citibank, but retains his stake in the casinos.


October 13, 1993
Daughter Tiffany born.

December 20, 1993
Marries Marla Maples.

Becomes first lady when Bill Clinton is elected president. Serves until 2001.

January 1993
The president names Clinton to lead the Task Force on National Health Care Reform.

September 28, 1993
Testifies before the House Ways and Means Committee in support of President Clinton's health care package. The health care reform bill faces strong opposition and is never brought up for a vote.

Trump and Clinton photographed together at The Plaza Hotel, along with Trump's sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

Clinton delivers speech at the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, where she declares, "Human rights are women's rights ... and women's rights are human rights."


Trump buys out and becomes executive producer of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants.

January 1996
Publishes "It Takes a Village," which later tops the NYT best seller list. Clinton has authored five books.

January 27, 1996
Testifies before federal grand jury over matters related to Whitewater land deal in Arkansas.


Wins Grammy for Best Spoken Album for her audiobook, "It Takes a Village."

January 27, 1998
Proclaims a "vast right-wing conspiracy" after the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks.
June 1999
Divorces Marla Maples.

Opens his first golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Launches Trump Model Management.

Launches exploratory committee to explore Reform Party Presidential bid.

January 2000
Appearing on "The Late Show," she reads a top 10 list for reasons she finally decided to appear on the show. The No. 5 reason is, "I needed an excuse to get out of dinner with Donald Trump."
February 14, 2000
Announces he won't pursue the presidential nomination for the Reform Party.

February 6, 2000
Announces her candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

September 20, 2000
Independent counsel Robert Ray announces that the evidence found in the Whitewater case is insufficient to prove that the Clintons knowingly participated in any criminal conduct.

November 7, 2000
Is elected to the U.S. Senate with 56% of the vote.


Serves as New York's junior senator, the first woman for the job, until 2009.

February 13, 2001
Makes her first address on the floor of the Senate.


January 2002
SEC brings case against Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc. alleging it had made misleading statements in the company's third-quarter 1999 earnings release. The case eventually settles.

October 11, 2002
Clinton votes in favor of the Iraq War.


June 9, 2003
Releases her memoir, "Living History." The book sells over 200,000 copies on its first day of release.


January 2004
"The Apprentice," with Trump as host, launches on NBC.

November 21, 2004
Back in bankruptcy court after filing to shed debt at his various Atlantic City casinos and a riverboat in Indiana. Trump turns over majority control of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts to his bondholders but remains the largest single shareholder.

March 19, 2004
"You'd be shocked if I said that in many cases, I probably identify more as a Democrat. And I think you would probably be shocked at that," Trump tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer in a 2004 interview.

Hillary and Bill Clinton attend Donald Trump and Melania Knauss' wedding. Asked last year why she went, Clinton said, "I happened to be planning to be in Florida and I thought it would be fun to go to his wedding because it is always entertaining," Clinton said. "Now that he is running for president it is a little more troubling." During a 2015 Republican debate, when asked what he got from donations he made to several Democrats, including then-Senator Clinton, Trump said, "Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding." "She had no choice because I gave to [the] foundation."

January 22, 2005
Marries Melania Knauss.

Launches Trump University.

Years later, lawsuits are filed; some are ongoing today.


March 20, 2006
Son Barron born.

November 7, 2006
Clinton is re-elected for a second Senate term.

January 16, 2007
Receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

January 20, 2007
Clinton jumps into the fray as a 2008 presidential candidate with the words "I'm in" posted on her Web site.

January 2008
"The Apprentice" TV show returns, now re-branded as "Celebrity Apprentice."

Wins the New Hampshire Democratic primary with 39% of the vote.

January 8, 2008

June 7, 2008
Suspends her presidential campaign and endorses Barack Obama. "Although we weren't able to shatter this highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it, and the light is shining through like never before," she said.

August 27, 2008
Clinton receives 341 votes at the Democratic National Convention in Denver before interrupting the roll call to ask that Obama be nominated by acclamation.

February 13, 2009
Announces he is resigning from his position as chairman of Trump Entertainment Resorts.

February 17, 2009
Trump Entertainment Resorts files for bankruptcy, after the company missed a $53.1 million bond payment. He resigns from the board and gives up his remaining stake in the company.

January 21, 2009
Is confirmed as secretary of state and serves until 2013.

May 16, 2011
Announces he will not run for president.

December 23, 2011
Changes party affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated. An aide says Trump changed his affiliation "in order to preserve his right to run for president as an independent if he's not satisfied with who the Republicans nominate."


May 29, 2012
On CNN's The Situation Room, Trump maintains that President Barack Obama's birthplace is a matter of opinion. With regards to the president's Hawaiian birth certificate, he says "a lot of people do not think it was an authentic certificate."

October 15, 2012
During an interview with CNN, Clinton takes responsibility for the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. She says as head of the State Department the security of more than 60,000 people in 275 posts is her responsibility.

December 15, 2012
Sustains a concussion after becoming dehydrated and fainting.

December 30, 2012
Hospitalized after doctors discover a blood clot during a follow-up exam related to the concussion. Doctors announce on December 31 that the clot is located in between Clinton's brain and skull, but they are confident she will make a full recovery. She is released from the hospital January 2.


March 15, 2013
Makes a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), calling the country "a total and complete mess."

January 23, 2013
Testifies for more than five hours before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding Benghazi.

February 1, 2013
Resigns as secretary of state.

March 18, 2013
Clinton announces that she supports marriage rights for same-sex couples. In the 2008 presidential primaries she supported civil unions and partner benefits, but not same-sex marriage.

The two Atlantic City casinos that still had the Trump name file for bankruptcy yet again in 2014. At the time Trump made sure people knew he was no longer running the company, and sued to have his name removed.

June 10, 2014
Publishes "Hard Choices" ahead of her second presidential run.


June 1, 2015
Says he will make a "major announcement [on] June 16" at Trump Tower.

June 16, 2015
Trump announces that he is running for president during a speech from Trump Tower in New York. He says he's giving up the TV show "The Apprentice" to run.

June 29, 2015
NBC says it is cutting its business ties to Trump and won't air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants because of "derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants." This comes two weeks after comments Trump made about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign announcement.

July 15, 2015
Trump's campaign reports that the Republican presidential candidate's net worth is "in excess of ten billion dollars" and his personal finance disclosure has been submitted to the Federal Election Committee.

September 11, 2015
Trump announces on social media he has purchased NBC's half of the Miss Universe Organization, which organizes the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

December 7, 2015
Days after two Islamist shooters killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California, Trump's campaign puts out a press release calling for a "complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

March 2, 2015
The New York Times reports that Clinton exclusively used a personal email account during her time as secretary of state. The House committee investigating the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya discovers the personal account when the Department of State — through Clinton — provides those emails to the committee.

March 10, 2015
During a press conference, Clinton says she used a private domain for her official work during her time at the State Department out of "convenience," but admits in retrospect "it would have been better" to use separate work and private emails.

April 12, 2015
Clinton officially announces a second bid for the White House. The initial word comes in an email to supporters from John Podesta, a longtime Clinton ally, then a video launched on YouTube and a newly minted Facebook page. Shortly after declaring her candidacy for president, she resigns from the Clinton Foundation's board of directors, according to foundation officials.

August 11, 2015
Clinton's spokesman announces that she will turn over her private email server and a flash drive to Justice Department officials, as an ongoing probe into the handling of classified information continues. Inspector General, I. Charles McCullough, III notifies Congress that two of Clinton's emails contained top secret materials.

October 22, 2015
Clinton testifies for 11 hours before the congressional panel investigating the attacks on a U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya that led to the deaths of four Americans.

March 2016
Ranked number 324 on Forbes' list of the world's billionaires with a net worth of $4.5 billion.

May 26, 2016
Secures enough delegates to clinch the Republican Party nomination.

July 15, 2016
Announces Indiana Governor Mike Pence as running mate on Twitter.

July 19, 2016
Trump officially becomes the Republican Party nominee for President

May 25, 2016
A State Department Inspector General report states that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to follow the rules or inform key department staff regarding her use of a private email server, according to a copy of the report obtained by CNN.

June 6, 2016
Clinton clinches the Democratic presidential nomination and becomes the first woman in the history of the United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party.

July 5, 2016
FBI Director James Comey describes Clinton's use of a private email server as "extremely careless" but recommends no criminal charges.

July 22, 2016
Announces Tim Kaine as running mate.

July 26, 2016
Clinton officially becomes the Democratic Party nominee for President.

September 26, 2016
Trump and Clinton face off at Hofstra University in the first of three presidential debates.

October 7, 2016
Two days before the second presidential debate, The Washington Post publishes a previously unaired video from 2005 where Trump can be heard making sexually aggressive and lewd remarks about women. Trump later apologizes, calling the conversation "locker room talk."

October 7, 2016
WikiLeaks posts apparent excerpts from transcripts of closed-door speeches Clinton gave to Wall Street companies after leaving the State Department. In one 2014 speech, Clinton admits to being "kind of far removed" from the struggles of the middle class. The Clinton campaign would not confirm the authenticity of any of the documents but has not disputed the contents.

October 9, 2016
In the second of three presidential debates, Trump and Clinton trade loaded insults in an explosive debate that caps one of the most extraordinary weekends in American political history. Ninety minutes before the debate, Trump holds a surprise event with three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct and one woman who was 12 when Hillary Clinton was the court-appointed defendant for the man she said raped her. Trump also invites them into the debate hall as his guests.

October 12, 2016
The New York Times reports allegations from two women that Trump touched them inappropriately, allegations that were quickly followed by a similar claim in People Magazine. CNN has not independently confirmed either The New York Times or People Magazine accounts. Trump vehemently denies the allegations, calling the Times article "fiction" that amounted to "character assassination" and telling People Magazine, "There is no merit or veracity to this fabricated story."

October 19, 2016
Trump and Clinton meet in Las Vegas for their final debate, less than three weeks before Election Day.