My year of killing to eat

Updated 5:37 AM ET, Mon October 17, 2016
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Louise Gray quit her job as an environmental correspondent to pursue the challenge of hunting and killing her own meat for her book 'The Ethical Carnivore: My year of killing to eat.' The ethical carnivore
Gray had become increasingly concerned about the ethics and environmental impact of the meat industry and set out to uncover its secrets.

She worked alongside inside industry experts and experienced its dark sides such as slaughterhouses.
the ethical carnivore
Gray traveled across Britain and beyond, killing 21 different species on land and at sea. THE ETHICAL CARNIVORE
The author learned skills such as stalking, shooting and gutting her prey along the way. THE ETHICAL CARNIVORE
The book explores various moral questions such as whether crustaceans feel pain, and whether slaughterhouses can be ethical.

Gray also finds that industry workers such as farmers and fishermen are often deeply connected to nature and compassionate towards animals.
The results of a pheasant shoot, which are hugely popular but controversial in England. the ethical carnivore
Although some hunters kill for sport, Gray eats all of her kills, cooking them up in delicious recipes for incredulous urban friends. THE ETHICAL CARNIVORE
Gray also explores a growing movement for eating roadkill as a low-impact alternative. the ethical carnivore
The author also believes that insects could flourish as an alternative protein source.

Gray is herself largely vegetarian following the completion of the book.
the ethical carnivore