5 Things for Monday, October 17: The fix is in?

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(CNN)Here's what you need to know today to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Mosul

After seemingly endless delays, the battle to liberate Mosul began this morning. ISIS has held the city - Iraq's second-largest - for years, and winning it back will deal a major blow. But the fight won't be easy. It's expected to last weeks, and possibly months, and will involve more than 54,000 Iraqi troops.

2. Campaign 2016

    Donald Trump and his surrogates spent the weekend telling anyone who'd listen the election's rigged by -- who else? -- the media to get Hillary Clinton elected. Could it be because he's running out of ways to win? A CNN poll of polls this morning shows Clinton leading 47% to 39%.

    3. Elections ugliness

    Emotions are starting to run a little too hot over -- and let's just call it what it is -- the worst election ever. A NC GOP office was firebombed. And The Arizona Republic, which endorsed a Democrat for the first time ever, is getting nasty death threats. We know you don't like your choices, people, but really?

    4. Syria

    We can't - and shouldn't - tune out the awful toll Aleppo is paying as the Syrian regime tries to wrest it back from rebels. Airstrikes killed at least 45 yesterday and today. The US and UK are now considering slapping Syria and its ally, Russia, with sanctions. Will it work? Who knows. Nothing else has.

    5. Hurricane Matthew

    A week after the storm passed, the slow motion disaster is still dumping misery. The US death toll now stands at 46, 26 in North Carolina alone. I was there all last week and things are bad. Here's my story on 200 residents of an apartment complex who rescued themselves from the floodwaters when help didn't arrive.

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