Rep. Peter King: The election isn't rigged against Trump

Study: Voter fraud is rare
Study: Voter fraud is rare


    Study: Voter fraud is rare


Study: Voter fraud is rare 01:30

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  • "Whoever wins, wins," King said Monday.
  • King added that the "media" and the "establishment" are trying to stop Trump from winning.

(CNN)New York Rep. Peter King said on Monday that the presidential election is not rigged, despite Donald Trump's claims.

Starting last week and again on Monday, the GOP nominee has intensified his case that the election is being rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, calling it "one big fix" and tweeting about "large scale voter fraud." There is no evidence to support Trump's claim.
King, a Republican who supports Trump, was asked on the radio show "Imus in the Morning" if he agreed with Trump's claim that he election is rigged.
    "I think, no, it's not," King said. "Is it legally rigged? No it's not. Whoever wins, wins. But I do think there's a lot to what he's saying, whether it's conscious or not, of having people in the so-called establishment, whatever that is, the big money people, the media, the political leaders, they are petrified of the thought of Trump being elected. So they consciously and unconsciously just do everything they can."
    Later in the interview, when host Don Imus argued that Trump was saying these things because he "knows he's gonna lose," King countered that Trump was trying to generate turnout among his supporters.
    "I don't think he expects to lose," the congressman said. "What he wants to do is he wants to make sure that his base voters get out there, he wants to make sure that, with all of the talk about Trump not winning, he wants to tell his people, hey, get out there, make sure that we get every last vote out because they're gonna be working against us. Now whether that's accurate or not, I think his method, or his motive here, is to make sure that everyone of his voters does get out there to compensate for any other votes that he feels may be rigged against him."