Luke Perry’s AARP cover means you’re old

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Perry turned 50 October 11

AARP put him on its cover

CNN  — 

How is this even possible?

Luke Perry recently turned 50.

Let that sink in… Dylan McKay from “Beverly Hills 90210” is half a century old.

The actor celebrated his big day on October 11 and we can thank AARP magazine for reminding us.

The organization for retired people and seniors (and we don’t mean high school ones) celebrated Perry’s big day by placing him on the cover.

Fans proceeded to freak out.

It helps to remember that he wasn’t a teen when he appeared on the hit series (he was 24 when the show premiered in 1990). But still, if he’s 50, what does that make the rest of us?

Old is what it makes us. It makes us old.