Miami CNN —  

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine made campaign history Sunday morning as the first presidential ticket candidate to deliver a speech entirely in Spanish during a Spanish-language church service.

“Yo soy catolico,” Clinton’s running mate said to the congregation at Pneuma Church in Miami, Florida. He introduced himself, discussing his time in Honduras as a missionary, and noting Clinton’s faith as a Methodist.

The Virginia senator encouraged parishioners to vote, emphasizing the responsibility to participate politically in accordance with Christian values, and reminded them of the October 18 registration deadline.

Following his remarks, Kaine received a blessing from the pastor, attendees standing and raising their hands to pray for him and his family.

The visit is part of the Clinton campaign’s outreach to new Americans in the election, particularly in the battleground state of Florida.

One sign the campaign is counting on Hispanic-Americans to turn out on Election Day: Nearly one-quarter of the campaign’s Florida organizing staff speaks Spanish, and has been working to register voters outside supermarkets, community centers, bodegas and churches, including the one Kaine attended Sunday.

A campaign aide said there has been a “huge spike” in vote by mail requests from Hispanic voters in the Sunshine State.