Molly Ball warns of Trump's 'salted-earth campaign' worst case scenario

Arizona, a swing state?
Arizona, a swing state?


    Arizona, a swing state?


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Story highlights

  • The Atlantic politics reporter Molly Ball said Trump is trying to bring down the GOP
  • She also described some of Trump's staff as an "island of misfit toys"

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(CNN)The Atlantic politics reporter Molly Ball said the worst case scenario for Donald Trump's campaign would be running a "salted-earth campaign."

"Donald Trump is doing everything he can to drag the Republican party down with him, to turn the base against people like Paul Ryan and other well-meaning Republicans who want to rebuild the party in a constructive way," Ball told CNN's Party People podcast hosts Kevin Madden and Mary Katherine Ham in an interview published Friday.
She added that Trump's recent speeches on the stump show his intentions to bring down the GOP establishment, taking fractures that already exist in the party and creating massive schisms that could tear Republicans ideologically apart.
    Ball cast doubt over the GOP presidential candidate's current strategy, stating that "the political talent in the campaign is quite thin" as many professional Republicans did not want to work in the campaign.
    An "island of misfit toys," she called those working in the Trump camp.
    "I think he's winging it," Ball said, indicating that Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway could just be picking up the pieces of whatever her candidate decides to say. "He says whatever the heck he wants to."
    The off-the-cuff, unrestrained Trump, Ball said, is what appeals to his supporter base.
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