Dukakis: Race would be more competitive if Trump wasn't running

Story highlights

  • The former Massachusetts governor called Trump a "head case"
  • "It's really bizarre," Dukakis said

Washington (CNN)Former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis said Hillary Clinton would be in a tighter race if she were running against a more mainstream Republican.

"It would be a contest and what it would be however is a contest in which issues and ideas and the country's future would be debated and discussed the way you want a campaign to discuss them," he told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day."
"And we wouldn't be discussing the sexual habits of this head case who won the Republican nomination and is running for the presidency."
    The former Massachusetts governor, who ran for president in 1988, said he looks forward to the end of the election that is very different in tone than his run more than 25 years ago.
    "I suspect I speak for a lot of Americans when I say I can't wait until the election is over. It's really bizarre," he said.
    Dukakis has been a long time critic of Trump, who he called a "screwball."
    "I think we've got to start talking about Trump, because the guy's getting away with murder," Dukakis said in June. "He's a screwball."