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Vice President Joe Biden said Bill Clinton's past indiscretions should not play a part in this year's election

He added that the former president has apologized and "paid his price"

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Bill Clinton’s past sexual improprieties shouldn’t matter in this year’s election, Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview that aired Friday.

Biden, speaking with NBC News, said Clinton has “paid a price” for the indiscretions that marred his second term in office.

“I can’t make any excuse for Bill Clinton’s conduct,” Biden told NBC. “And I wouldn’t attempt to make excuses for his conduct. But he paid a price. He was impeached. And he expressed his deep sorrow and acknowledged what he did.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has raised the allegations against Clinton in his 2016 election battle with the former president’s wife. Faced with accusations of his own sexual misconduct, Trump has threatened to escalate his attacks using women from Clinton’s past.

After defending Clinton, Biden lit into Trump.

“This guy, as I said, has acknowledged that he has been a sexual predator,” Biden said in the interview. “He has acknowledged that he’s abused his power. And as I said, the textbook definition of what constitutes sexual assault.”

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Trump continues to face accusations he groped women over the past several decades. Fellow Republicans fled his campaign after audio emerged of Trump bragging about using his celebrity to assault women.

Trump has denied all the charges, which have not been independently confirmed by CNN. Trump said Thursday that he will soon release information showing that the claims against him are fabricated.