VP Joe Biden: Trump's remarks 'textbook definition of sexual assault'

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biden trump textbook definition sexual assault nv bts_00003326


    Biden: Trump comments 'textbook definition of assault'


Biden: Trump comments 'textbook definition of assault' 02:03

Story highlights

  • Joe Biden responded to Donald Trump's remarks on recently released tapes during a stump speech in Nevada
  • He called Trump's comments the "textbook definition of sexual assault"

(CNN)Vice President Joe Biden in Nevada Thursday reiterated his claims that Donald Trump's remarks on a recently released tape are the "textbook definition of sexual assault" but added the remarks are consistent with the other ways Trump has "abused power."

"I'm tired of new politicians who want to go to Washington to demean women," Biden told the crowd in Nevada.
"Here's the deal guys, this is totally consistent. ... His admission of what is the textbook definition of sexual assault. I'm talking about Trump obviously," Biden clarified, saying the Republican presidential nominee's comments are "not inconsistent with the way in which he's abused power all along."
    Biden, campaigning for Hillary Clinton and Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto in Las Vegas, tied Trump's comments to the real estate mogul's bankruptcy and what Biden called his rooting for the collapse of the housing market "because it was good business."
    The vice president also referenced Trump's recent flub in Florida this week, when Biden urged those listening to get out and vote on November 8 but added, "I encourage everyone listening to Trump -- vote on November 28."
    On Tuesday, Trump mistakenly said at a campaign event, "Go and register. Make sure you get out and vote November 28."
    Biden also claimed that there was a double standard in running for President saying that when he gets upset about his son Beau Biden's death, he is called a caring father but if the same thing happened to Hillary the media would say she's "playing the women's card."
    "There's a different standard here. It's harder for Hillary to show her heart," Biden said.
    Biden also tied the double standard to racism, saying if President Barack Obama or the first lady got as mad or showed as much passion as Joe Biden does at times, they would be called an "angry black man" or "angry black woman."