Ivanka Trump returns quietly to campaign trail, faces no questions about allegations against her dad

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  • Ivanka Trump, who has been so effective for her father, has been largely absent from the campaign trail
  • She attended a series of events in Pennsylvania on Thursday

Washington (CNN)Moments before her father accepted his party's nomination, Ivanka Trump appeared on the stage in Cleveland, defending him as "colorblind and gender neutral," imploring would-be supporters to judge Donald Trump "by his results."

In a campaign ad released in May, the 34-year-old Trump was the face of the campaign's most overt appeal to women, saying that her father "understands the needs of a modern workforce" and is committed to changing "outdated labor laws" to support women and children.
And, confronted about her father's past treatment of women, she was steadfast and defiant, even telling CBS This Morning that her father was "not a groper."
    Now with 26 days until Election Day, her father's campaign has been rocked with allegations that he groped, touched or acted inappropriately toward women, Donald Trump's chief character witness has been publicly silent.
    She has not commented about the tapes of Trump's conversation with Billy Bush of "Access Hollywood" in which Trump spoke in vulgar and crude terms about women, nor has she commented on her father's own words against her which include condoning the radio host Howard Stern referring to her as a "piece of ass.
    Ivanka Trump returned to the campaign trail Thursday for a series of small events, described as coffees, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. A recent Bloomberg poll showed that voters from that area favor Hillary Clinton by a wide 28-point margin.
    In Trump's first event in Malvern, Pennsylvania, she didn't mount a full-throated defense of her father. Instead, as she took questions from Erin Elmore, a Trump supporter who appeared on "The Apprentice," the allegations of groping went unnoticed.