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Clinton: Trump makes you want to 'look at cat gifs'
01:21 - Source: CNN

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Cats can best tell the story of the crazy 2016 campaign

Hillary Clinton is a fan of feline videos

CNN  — 

The 2016 election season, to put it kindly, has been a dumpster fire.

During a campaign event on Thursday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said that even she has turned to watching internet cat gifs to get her mind off the news of the day.

If it works for someone who is making the news, it’s certainly worth trying for those of us who are simply over it. Let’s take a look at some cat gifs that make the story of the election season more tolerable.

The GOP was taken by storm when Donald Trump bowled over more than a dozen other candidates.

Meanwhile, over on the Democratic side, the race was largely just between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The media and Republicans in Congress dogged Clinton to release emails she had sent from a personal server during her time as secretary of state.

And Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns, which has been standard operating procedure for candidates since the 1970s.

Clinton and Trump finally faced off in presidential debates. Make sure to catch the third debate Wednesday on CNN.

Television audiences were treated to circular logic from the campaigns’ surrogates.

Everyone waited eagerly for this season’s “October Surprise.”

This is what newsrooms across America have looked like for the past week. Our families don’t remember us.

America is collectively over it.

But don’t worry, America, we only have 26 days left.