5 Things for Wednesday, October 12: Shocking tweets and WikiLeaks

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(CNN)Listen, we hate to lead every morning with politics, but there's just SO MUCH going on. Here's what you need to know today to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

If you weren't on Twitter yesterday, you missed quite a show. Trump went off on the Republican party (despite...you know...being their nominee), calling some members "disloyal," bashing Republican leader Paul Ryan and saying he was glad his "shackles" had been taken off so he could campaign the way he wants. In related news, both John McCain and conservative radio host Glenn Beck said they will not vote for Trump.

    2. WikiLeaks

    Clinton didn't have a banner day, either. The latest round of e-mails from Wikileaks reveals the Clinton campaign may have been presented with a question for a March CNN-TV One town hall a day prior to the event. How did it happen, and what does it mean? So far, it's a mystery.

    3. Haiti

    Haiti is desperately waiting for aid following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. The country's interim President called it an "apocalyptic situation." CNN's Ivan Watson talked to locals in Jeremie, Haiti, who are just trying to survive, and are wondering how they are going to rebuild everything the storm has taken from them.

    4. Syria

    Another day, another heartbreaking image from Syria. This time it's a young girl, bloodied and terrified, crying for her father after an airstrike hit her family's home. If there's any good news from this, it's that her mother, father and siblings also survived the attack.

    5. Comcast

    If you've ever fought with your cable provider, perhaps this will brighten your day. Comcast has just been hit with the FCC's largest fine EVER. The sum? $2.3 million, plus five years of monitoring from regulators. The offense? Charging customers for services and equipment they didn't ask for.

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