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Trump dismisses concussions: 'Little ding on the head'
00:46 - Source: CNN
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Donald Trump boasted Wednesday that his fans are tougher than concussed NFL stars after a woman passed out in the heat of an airport rally – but made it back for the end of his speech.

“That woman was out cold and now she is coming back!” Trump declared, at the rally at Lakeland in central Florida, after the woman received medical treatment.

“See we don’t go by these new and very much softer NFL rules, Trump said.

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“Concussion? Oh, got a little ding on the head, no, no you can’t play for the rest of the season. Our people are tough! Trump said.

Trump also paid tribute to his own stamina, saying, in an exaggeration of his schedule that he was doing five or six events a day in the stretch run towards the election on September 8.

“I may be limping home by the finish line, but we are going to get there,” Trump said, after his second and final public event of the day.