Trump campaign chief spars over Bill Clinton lawsuit

cooper conway clinton lawsuits guilt cnn intv_00010014
cooper conway clinton lawsuits guilt cnn intv_00010014


    Trump campaign manager stumped in interview


Trump campaign manager stumped in interview 01:48

Story highlights

  • Trump campaign manager: Hillary Clinton's treatment of husband's accusers part of her record
  • Hillary Clinton has history of "naming and blaming" women, Conway says

(CNN)Donald Trump's campaign manager Tuesday defended the campaign's strategy of highlighting Bill Clinton's past sex scandals.

Kellyanne Conway pointed to former President Clinton's settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit with accuser Paula Jones, appearing to suggest that it implied guilt in the case.
She also said that Hillary Clinton's conduct toward her husband's accusers was to "name and blame" them. Here's part of Conway's fiery exchange with Anderson Cooper on "AC360."
    Conway: "The last time I didn't sexually harass someone, I didn't pay them $850,000."
    Cooper: "Your candidate has settled numerous lawsuits without admitting any guilt on a whole number of things. Are you implying that settling a lawsuit is implying guilt? If so, it means your candidate is guilty of an awful of lot of things, no?"
    Conway: "For that, really, as governor of Arkansas, using state troopers to procure women for you?"
    Cooper: "You're saying settling a lawsuit is questionable and raising questions about guilt. Your client settles lawsuits all the time, even though he says he doesn't, right?"
    Conway: "No, what I'm saying is, what was Hillary Clinton's conduct towards those women?"
    Cooper: "No, you're implying that settling a lawsuit implies guilt. Donald trump has settled numerous lawsuits, including the racial discrimination lawsuit years ago without accepting any guilt. Are you saying there may be some guilt there?"
    Conway: "I'm saying that I believe Paula Jones."

    Voters 'should know who Clinton is'

    Hillary Cinton's record includes "naming and blaming women who came in contact with her husband," Conway said.
    "If others aren't going to hold her (to) account for her full record, then, yes, we will," Conway said.
    A CNN "Reality Check" found Donald Trump's claim that Hillary Clinton "viciously" attacked her husband's accusers to be an exaggeration.
    Cooper asked the veteran pollster if she believed their strategy would depress Democratic voter turnout.
    "I believe that voters should know who Hillary Clinton is," Conway said.
    "I'll let them decide whether it's enough for them to stay home or come to the polls."