01:06 - Source: CNN
Trump denies getting in Clinton's space at debate
Panama City, Florida CNN —  

Donald Trump on Tuesday denied trying to intimidate Hillary Clinton during their debate Sunday night by encroaching into her space on stage.

Trump, in a humorous riff at a rally in Panama City, Florida, slammed the media for writing that he tried to get too close to the Democratic nominee.

“Did you see what she said, that I entered her space? This is a liar. I am standing at my podium, I have got my chair and Crooked Hillary Clinton walks across the stage right in front of me,” Trump said.

Trump said that he had paid heed to Clinton’s former Senate election rival Rick Lazio who got to close to the former first lady in a debate in 2000 and was heavily criticized.

“Years ago, someone came in and talked to her, the poor guy Lazio, so I said, I am not getting near this woman at all, no interest, I have no interest,” Trump quipped.

The GOP nominee also said he was looked forward to his third and final debate clash with Clinton next week in Las Vegas.

“That will be fun,” he said.