5 Things for Monday, October 10: Debate, debate and more debate

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(CNN)Well, that was intense. Trump and Clinton traded loaded insults and a lot more at Sunday night's presidential debate. It's Monday, and here's everything you need to know about the debate to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. "Scorched earth"

That's what political experts are calling last night's event, maybe because it started with both sides refusing to shake hands and just got worse from there. Clinton said Trump was "unfit" for office and hammered him over audio released on Friday that featured the Republican candidate saying some very NSFW things about women in 2005. Trump called Clinton "the devil" and said, if he were President, he would jail her. If you're low on time, here's a tidy two-minute recap.

2. Fact check time

    Who started the birther movement? Who was for the war in Iraq? And is Canadian healthcare really "catastrophic?" There's more: The candidates made claims about taxes, terrorism and e-mails and [SPOILER ALERT] some of them totally flunked our Reality Check. This one's a must-read if you're more interested in facts than debate night drama.

    3. So, about that one-liner...

    "Because you'd be in jail!" Depending on how you see it, Donald Trump's claim that he would prosecute and jail Clinton if he were elected was either a mic drop moment or a serious threat. Here's what people are saying, and like everything in this election, it's a mixed bag.

    4. Who won?

    Come on. You know there's never a 100% crystal clear answer for this. But here's what some of CNN's political experts had to say: "A depressing spectacle." A "good night" for Trump. A blown opportunity for Trump. A blown opportunity for Clinton. A "dark night." A "bewildering debate." The "Hunger Games." Uh...wow. Happy Monday?

    5. Other things to know

    There's just too much debate news, so here are some quick hits:
    Trump attacks, Clinton parries: The quotable quotes of the debate
    Sometimes I feel like, somebody's watching me: Trump looms as Clinton talks

    Breakfast Browse

    People are talking about these. Read up. Join in.
    Semantic satiation: A phenomenon where a word is repeated so often it completely loses its meaning and just becomes a nonsense sound, which is kind of how we feel about the word "debate" now.
    Hurricane Matthew kills 17 in US
    The storm has moved off the east coast and isn't expected to threaten again, but it has left severe flooding, power outages and other dangers in its wake.
    2 police officers killed in California
    The officers were responding to a disturbance call when they were shot. A third officer was injured, and a suspect is in custody.
    Will Columbus Day be renamed?
    A push to replace the holiday with "Indigenous Peoples Day" is gaining steam.
    Samsung's explodey phones are no more
    The company has stopped producing the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after fears that the device can burst into flame.
    What you doin' there, bud?
    This bald eagle was just OFFENDED by his misfortune after getting stuck in a car grille during Hurricane Matthew. (He's fine, BTW.)

    And finally ...

    Turn the volume up on this one.
      This has been a super serious version of 5 Things, so please watch this ridiculous goat trying to lick a dog.