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Nigel Farage says Republican nominee "dominated" Sunday's debate

Brexit campaign leader has repeatedly praised Trump in recent months

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Some Republican politicians may be abandoning Donald Trump over his derogatory and vulgar comments about women, but he still has a friend in UK politician Nigel Farage.

The Brexit campaign leader came out swinging for the Republican presidential nominee after Sunday night’s debate in St. Louis, telling multiple outlets that Trump looked like a “silverback gorilla” who “dominated” opponent Hillary Clinton.

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith caught up with Farage in the post-debate spin room and asked the former British politician to expand on his comparison.

“He looked like a big gorilla prowling the set. He is that big alpha male – that’s who he is, that’s who he is,” Farage said. “We all have comparisons to animals or whatever it may be, but that’s how he seems to me. The leader of the pack, that’s what he’s like.”

Trump looms behind Clinton at the debate

When pressed to name an animal comparison for Hillary Clinton, Farage said he hadn’t “worked that out yet” as he turned to leave.

This isn’t the first time the outgoing UKIP leader has heaped praise on Trump. Farage was spotted at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and later attended a Trump rally in August in Mississippi, which he described as “more like a rock concert than a political meeting.”

Upon his return to the UK, Farage declared Trump “will be like the next Ronald Reagan” in a Daily Mail op-ed.

Trump gets boost from Brexit leader

Farage’s comments came after he criticized President Obama for his anti-Brexit position prior to the June referendum on the UK leaving the European Union. In April, Farage labeled Obama as “the most anti-British American there has ever been.”