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Ken Bone: The REAL winner of the debate
03:04 - Source: CNN

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Bone said red cardigan was result of a wardrobe malfunction due to weight gain

He said he favored Trump but is now reconsidering

CNN  — 

Ken Bone, the charming questioner from Sunday night’s presidential debate who achieved instant Internet fame for his smart outfit and articulate question, revealed new details Monday on his wardrobe, politics and viral celebrity.

In an interview with Carol Costello on “CNN Newsroom” – and sporting the same red cardigan and black-rimmed glasses from the night before – Bone explained the iconic outfit had only come about as the result of an earlier wardrobe malfunction.

“Apparently I’ve gained about 30 pounds and when I went to get in my car the morning of the debate I split the seat of my pants all the way open,” Bone said. “The red sweater is plan B. I’m glad it worked out.”

“I don’t see how I could not have worn the red sweater this morning,” he added. “It’s more famous than me.”

Bone’s adorable celebrity was sealed after the debate, when he was seen snapping a picture of the debate set… with a disposable camera.

Acknowledging the spoils of viral famem Bone said his Internet following exploded in the hours following the debate.

“I went from last night having seven Twitter followers, two of which were my grandmother… now I have several hundred,” he said. “I am not sure why they care about what I have to say but I’m glad they’re engaged in the political process.”

On more serious issues, Bone said he had entered the debate favoring Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton’s poise on stage caused him to reconsider.

“I think I might be more undecided than ever,” Bone told Costello. “I was leaning very heavily towards Donald Trump but Secretary Clinton impressed me with her composure and with a lot of her answers.”

Bone added that he was not impressed by the Trump campaign’s last-minute maneuver to bring women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault to the debate, saying the stunt was “uncalled for.”