Blood pressure meds could raise your depression risk

Story highlights

  • Four common classes of drugs used to treat hypertension could affect your risk of depression
  • Beta blockers and calcium channel blockers were found to double the risk of major mood disorders

(CNN)Some of the drugs most commonly used to treat people with high blood pressure could also be affecting their mood -- particularly their risk of depression -- according to a new new study.

Research published in the journal Hypertension found that people taking one of two classes of drugs, known beta blockers or calcium channel antagonists, had twice the risk of being admitted into the hospital with a mood disorder, such as severe depression. However, people taking a class of drugs known as angiotensin blockers -- ACE inhibitors -- had a lower risk of developing severe mood disorders, even compared with healthy control groups with no history of hypertension or depression.
"They are both extremely important findings," said Dr. Sandosh Padmanabhan, professor of cardiovascular genomics and therapeutics at the University of Glasgow and lead author of the study. "And they were both unexpected."