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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met Sunday for their second presidential debate, and CNN’s Reality Check Team spent the evening analyzing their claims.

The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the debate and selected key statements from both candidates, rating them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it’s complicated.


Reality Check: Trump on Obamacare premiums

By Tami Luhby, CNNMoney

Trump cited Obamacare as one of the top problems he wants to address if he is elected president.

“When I watch the deals being made and watch what’s happening with horrible things like Obamacare, where your health insurance and health care are going up by numbers that are astronomical. By 68%, 59% and 71%,” Trump said.

It’s true that some insurers are raising some of their plans’ premiums by that much, but that’s not the typical increase.

Insurers have requested a rate hike of 9%, on average, for the benchmark silver plan for 2017, up from 2% for this year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The vast majority of Obamacare enrollees, however, don’t see those massive hikes. Some 85% of them receive federal subsidies that can lower their premium to less than 10% of their income.

Verdict: True, but misleading.

Reality Check: Clinton on 90% insured rate

By Tami Luhby, CNNMoney

Clinton praised Obamacare as providing health insurance for 20 million people who didn’t have it before.

“Right now, we are at 90% health insurance coverage. That’s the highest we have ever been,” she said.

Clinton is right that the largest share of Americans now have health insurance. It’s actually even more than 90%. The uninsured rate was 8.6% in the first three months of this year, according to the National Health Interview Survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That means a record 91.4% of Americans were insured.

Verdict: True.

Reality Check: Canadians traveling for health care

By Debra Goldschmidt, CNN

In response to a question on Obamacare, Trump said, “If you ever noticed Canadians, when they need a big operation, when something happens, they come into the United States, in many cases because their system is so slow it’s catastrophic in certain ways.”