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Hillary Clinton made a few falsehoods in a recent stump speech

Some include Trump's statements on the auto industry and the federal minimum wage

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Hillary Clinton made four big claims during a recent stump speech while on the trail – but how accurate were they?

CNN’s Jake Tapper, in collaboration with, looked into the validity of some of the Democratic presidential candidate’s statements during a September campaign stop in Hampton, Illinois.

First up: Donald Trump thinks wages are too high. This one gets a little complicated: The Republican presidential candidate did use those words in a November debate, but the question was about raising the federal minimum wage to $15 – a part Clinton fails to mention.

Second: Trump doesn’t want to raise the national minimum wage. Clinton’s correct on this one – partly. Trump has previously said he opposes raising the federal minimum wage, but would allow states to “call the shots.”

But later, in late July after clinching his nomination, Trump said the federal minimum wage should go up from the current $7.25 to $10 per hour.

Third: In response to an auto bailout, Trump said he didn’t care. Clinton might be twisting words on this one. While Trump did downplay the role of the Obama administration’s intervention in the auto industry, he did say the situation could have “rebuilt itself.”

Finally: Trump has been sued 4,000 times for not paying his bill. Another false statement. He has been named in over f4,000 lawsuits, but more than half of the time, Trump was the one doing the suing.

This fact check is one in a two-part series examining candidate. Last week, Tapper looked at a Trump stump speech.

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