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October 7, 2016

Today's show begins with a focus on Hurricane Matthew, providing a look at its strength, an illustration of its potential storm surge, and an explanation of how storm names are determined. We examine how China could pose a significant challenge for the next U.S. president, and we take you to a facility in Colorado that gathers food waste and processes it into energy.
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1. In what nation did voters narrowly reject a recent peace agreement between the government and FARC rebels?
2. When there are two new moons that occur in a single calendar month, what is the second one called?
3. In what Caribbean country did Hurricane Matthew cause the "largest humanitarian event" since an earthquake struck there in 2010?
4. Name the highly disputed region of Asia that is claimed by both India and Pakistan and over which the two countries have recently exchanged fire.
5. Following his research in autophagy, Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi recently received what kind of international award?
6. What country's former rulers are the Taliban, who currently control 10 percent of the nation's territory?
7. Yellow-faced bees, which are now protected as an endangered species, are native to what U.S. state?
8. Name either the Democratic or the Republican candidate for vice president of the United States.
9. What North African nation, which was once led by Moammar Gadhafi, now has no central government and could pose a major challenge for the next U.S. president?
10. What is the two-word term for the "wall" or rise of ocean water blown ashore by a hurricane's winds?
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