Fetty Wap brings stack of bills to pay $360 in fines

Rapper Fetty Wap was arrested after a traffic stop in July.

Story highlights

  • The rapper pleaded guilty to a few charges
  • He posed with stacks of cash

(CNN)Rapper Fetty Wap appears on a 2015 tune titled "$ave Dat Money."

Let's hope he takes that advice.
The hip hop star flashed a serious stack of cash Wednesday when he appeared in a Cedar Grove, New Jersey court.
    Fetty, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, said he'd brought about $165,000 to pay $360 in fines.
    Maxwell was arrested by Cedar Grove police in July after a traffic stop.
    According to NJ.com he pleaded guilty to several charges including driving with a suspended license.
    The rapper told waiting reporters that he was guilty of "DWB-AR, driving while black and rich" as he held onto stacks of cash.
    When asked if he had someone in the car with him during the traffic stop, he responded "Yeah, money. Benjamin."
    Maxwell was raised in Paterson, New Jersey.