5 things for Tuesday, October 4: Syria, Donald Trump, Hurricane Matthew


    This is Aleppo...


This is Aleppo... 00:45

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1. Syria

Well, so much for that. The US has stopped talking to Russia about Syria. The US says Moscow never lived up its commitments, wasn't particularly interested in the ceasefire and, with its Syrian regime ally, bombed "civilian populations into submission." Meanwhile, the slaughter continues: a suicide bomber killed 22 people at a wedding party. Finally, here's several reasons why we should all care about what's going on in Aleppo.

    2. Campaign 2016

    Donald Trump offended vets by saying people who "can't handle it" commit suicide; questioned whether US airstrikes in Syria were hitting anything, found out his foundation can't operate in New York and learned most of his supporters say paying taxes (something he may not have done) is a civic duty. And that was just Monday. Oh, and his rival has taken a post-debate lead in the polls.

    3. Hurricane Matthew

    Matthew's bringing its 145-mph winds and torrential rains to Haiti. Early this morning, the storm, which has already killed three people, was south of Port-au-Prince. Later this afternoon, Matthew is expected to make landfall in Cuba. Cruise ships are being rerouted, and states of emergency are in effect in North Carolina and Florida.

    4. Flint

    First it was the water, now it's an outbreak of the infectious bacteria Shigellosis. It causes bloody diarrhea and fever and typically spreads when people don't wash their hands. And people in Flint haven't been washing their hands or taking baths because they're still scared of contaminated water. They're using baby wipes, but baby wipes don't kill bacteria.

    5. North Korea

    Don't be surprised if Kim Jong Un and Co. make a little noise right before we all cast votes next month. Turns out trying to create an October surprise for the US presidential elections is something of tradition for the North Koreans, a new study says. So another nuke test soon is a definite possibility.


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