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The float's creator Frank Linkemeyer told WLWT that he didn't mean any harm with his float

The city of Aurora denounced it

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A parade float in an Indiana city on Saturday depicted someone dressed as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on an electric chair, with someone dressed as GOP nominee Donald Trump pulling the switch.

“I mean I just cannot believe that this happened in my town,” a woman told CNN affiliate WLWT. “I love this town, this town is full of good people, and that does not represent who we are.”

The parade was organized by the Aurora Lions Club in Aurora, Indiana, who said they didn’t approve of the topics or themes of the floats ahead of time, according to WLWT.

The float’s creator, Frank Linkemeyer, said that he didn’t mean any harm with his float, and that he’s been joking at the parade for years.

“I could have taken and put Donald Trump in that float and had Hillary pull the handle,” he said. “Nevertheless, I would have never pleased everybody. It definitely was all for laughter.”

The city of Aurora denounced the float, saying it did not portray any values of its residents.

“The city of Aurora has no involvement in selecting float participants. The imagery portrayed by the float is simply not consistent with the values of our citizens or who we want to be as a city,” the statement said.