Eric Trump: My father has paid a 'tremendous amount of tax'

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  • "We pay a tremendous amount of taxes," Trump says about his family
  • "Of course, yes, absolutely," Trump responds when asked if his father paid income taxes

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump's son, Eric, said Tuesday night that the Republican presidential nominee pays a "tremendous amount of tax" after being asked to put to rest questions about whether his father has paid federal income taxes in recent years.

"There's a lot of talk tonight about federal income taxes. Can you just put this to rest? Has your father paid federal income taxes?" CNN's Dana Bash asked Trump.
"We pay a tremendous amount of taxes," Eric Trump responded.
    "Federal income taxes?" Bash asked.
    "Yes --" Trump said.
    Later, Trump was asked to clarify whether he is denying past reports that his father might not have paid income taxes.
    A report from the New York Times published Saturday based on 1995 state tax documents showed a $916 million loss by Trump that year, which might have allowed him to avoid paying income taxes for up to 18 years.
    The Times obtained one page of his New York State resident income tax returns as well as the first page of New Jersey and Connecticut nonresident returns. The Times did not look at Trump's federal return. CNN has not independently verified the documents' authenticity, but Trump's campaign has not challenged any of the facts reported by The Times.
    On Tuesday night Trump's so faced further questions about the returns.
    "Eric, my question though is, has he paid federal income taxes over the last 18 years -- yes or no?" Bash asked.
    "Of course, yes, absolutely. My father has paid a tremendous amount of tax. We as a company pay a tremendous amount of tax," Trump responded.
    "So if we ever see your father's income taxes, it will show that he has paid federal income taxes?" Bash asked.
    "There's no question about it. We pay tremendous taxes -- " Trump said.
    "Will we see it?" Bash asked.
    "Listen, when the audit is over, my father will release it," he said, later adding, "Of course I've seen my father's tax returns. My father pays a tremendous amount of tax. As a company we pay a tremendous amount of tax."
    Later, CNN's John King asked Trump whether the Trump family has business dealings in Russia.
    "We have no assets in Russia," he said. "If you know if we have assets in Russia, go and see if our name is on a building."
    According to CNN/ORC Poll released Monday, the vast majority of registered voters view paying taxes as a "civic duty," including 79% of Trump's supporters.
    Nearly all registered voters surveyed in the poll -- 86% -- say they see paying taxes as every American's civic duty, while 12% say that they see taxes as an unnecessary burden to be avoided.