Trump: Other countries' stocks drop when my poll numbers rise

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  • Trump said other countries' stocks drop when his poll numbers rise
  • A protectionist approach on trade is at the center of Trump's campaign

Prescott, Arizona (CNN)Donald Trump bragged Tuesday that other countries' stock markets decline when his poll numbers rise -- calling it a testament to his tough-on-trade protectionist approach.

"Do you watch the stock market?" he said at a rally here. "Whenever I do well in the polls, other countries' stock goes down -- their stock goes down a little bit. It's not very much."
The Republican presidential nominee said he'd lower the United States' trade deficit.
    "We want a fair deal -- we don't want to lose $800 billion," he said.
    Just before the first presidential debate, as Trump had matched or in some cases topped Clinton in national polls, stocks in the United States slumped slightly -- but losses in Europe were more significant, and the Mexican peso hit an all-time low.
    Trump has made opposition to trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement, implemented under President Bill Clinton, and the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, negotiated by President Barack Obama as a counterbalance to China's rising influence in the Asia-Pacific, a centerpiece of his campaign.
    He's threatened to renegotiate or repeal existing trade deals like NAFTA and slap tariffs on goods made in other countries -- particularly by American businesses that relocate their manufacturing.