Biden fails as undercover student in Funny or Die PSA on sexual assault

Story highlights

  • Vice President Joe Biden appears in a humorous video with actor Adam Devine
  • Biden's mission has been to call attention to sexual assault on college campuses

(CNN)A career as a covert agent isn't likely Vice President Joe Biden's next career move.

In a video on the website "Funny or Die," Biden attempts to go undercover as a college student to spread his message on preventing campus sexual assault.
But his only disguise is a pair of aviator sunglasses -- perhaps his most recognizable accessory.
    His pitch to a college party also doesn't help matters.
    "So I'm back at the White House and talking to Barack Obama," he starts, before correcting himself: "I mean I'm at the frat house watching a program about llamas. On YouTube, you know?"
    Biden's cohort in his mission, actor Adam Devine, has equally bad luck blending among college students.
    But in the video at least, their message about stepping in to prevent campus rape comes through.
    "It's on all of us to change the culture to prevent sexual assault," Biden says.
    Biden last week appeared on an episode of "Law and Order: SVU" to highlight the backlog of untested rape kits.