Obama to cast early ballot in Chicago

President Barack Obama holds a press conference about the recent bombings in the New York region at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel on September 19, 2016 in New York City.

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  • Obama voted early in previous years as well
  • He will cast his ballot in Chicago

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama will cast his ballot for Hillary Clinton in Chicago this month, he told Democratic supporters in a fundraising solicitation on Monday.

"Later this month, I'm going to head back to Chicago, walk into my local polling place, and cast an early vote for the next president," Obama wrote. "I know who I'm voting for. Michelle knows who she's voting for. And you probably know who you're voting for, too. But there are millions of people across the country who are still making up their minds. And those are the voters who'll decide who succeeds me."
The President is scheduled to travel to his hometown on Friday to raise money for Democrats. It's not clear which day he's planning to vote.
    In the past, Obama has cast early ballots at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, near the brick single-family home the Obamas still own in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood. In 2014, he voted for the incumbent Democratic governor, Pat Quinn, a few weeks before Election Day (Quinn lost). He used the opportunity to promote early voting.
    "I'm so glad I can early vote. It's so exciting. I love voting," Obama said then.
    He voted for his own re-election at the same community center in 2012; a poll worker requested to see the President's ID before he was issued a ballot.
    "I'm just glad I renewed my driver's license," Obama joked.
    Obama wrote in his email to Democratic supporters that getting the message out was essential before voters head to polls.
    "With early voting having already begun in states like Iowa and Wisconsin (and getting started in Illinois), all of us who want to elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats down the ballot need to hustle as hard as we can to connect with those undecided voters before their ballots are cast," Obama said.