02:15 - Source: CNN
Colombians narrowly reject peace deal with the FARC
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Some called it Colombia’s Brexit.

Others railed against the ignorance of social media users who called it a rejection of peace.

Late Sunday night, the Colombian government asked for a simple yes or no in a referendum on a peace deal negotiated with FARC rebels to end a 52-year-old war.

“Do you support the final accord to end the conflict and to construct a stable and lasting peace?” the referendum asked.

By a tiny margin, the answer was “no.”

Many asked the question, why?

The vote had been expected to easily pass.

The final result was a shock to some.

Others were at pains to point out that the “no” vote wasn’t a rejection of peace itself, but a vote against the deal that was struck.

Under the deal, the FARC would have been giving immunity and 10 seats in Congress after relinquishing their weapons.

Some suggested it highlighted the consequences of putting issues to a popular vote.

Others wondered: If the UK could vote to leave the European Union and the Colombians could reject a long-negotiated peace deal, how would Americans vote in the November presidential election?

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