A fact-check of Trump's stump speech

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  • Trump delivered at least four falsehoods during his remarks last month
  • CNN's Jake Tapper will look next week at a stump speech delivered by Clinton

Washington (CNN)In one stump speech last month in Fort Myers, Florida, Donald Trump offered up at least four big whoppers.

That's according to a fact-check from CNN's Jake Tapper, who investigated a set of remarks from September 19 alongside FactCheck.org
The first falsehood: Hillary Clinton would not bring in 620,000 refugees in her first term -- only 55,000 more Syrian refugees, lifting the total to 155,000 for all refugees.
    The second: Trump did not publicly oppose the war in Iraq before it began. He was ambivalent about the invasion, at best.
    The third: Trump might say that the US "got out of Iraq the wrong way," but he had once said the US should just "declare victory and leave."
    And the fourth: Clinton did push for intervention in Libya, but Trump himself too called for that same move.
    It's part of a pattern for Trump. FactCheck.org analyzed another Trump appearance, in Miami, and found over 20 questionable statements.
    Tapper will look next week at a stump speech delivered by Clinton.
    As FactCheck.org wrote:
    "The day-to-day appeals in stump speeches often go largely uncovered, though. The words are nearly identical in stop after stop for weeks and weeks. And the media are looking for new things to report. But those speeches — repetitive as they may be — represent the core appeal to voters."