Not throwing away my shot: Chicago docs using 'Hamilton' songs to fight flu

The staff at Chicago's Northwestern Children's Practice spreads  the word -- via "Hamilton -- on flu shots.

Story highlights

  • Video lays down the "10 Flu Commandments"
  • The office comes up with clever parodies every year

(CNN)A Chicago doctor's office is using the power of the founding fathers and a cultural phenomenon to encourage you to get a flu shot this year.

The Northwestern Children's Practice is employing the music from the mega Broadway hit "Hamilton" in a YouTube video parody to encourage people to come in and get the shot.
"Alabaster Hamilton" kicks things off, crooning about the importance of getting a shot as the start of flu season looms.
    Then staffers from the office join in, and they dance, sing and rap their way through the "10 Flu Commandments."
    "Our patients seem to enjoy the humor, and hopefully it will prompt them to get a flu shot," Dr. Scott Goldstein, managing partner of the clinic, told CNN affiliate WLS. "Everyone in the video is either a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, or receptionist in the office."
      The video ends with a riff off of one of "Hamilton's" most popular songs, appropriately named "My Shot."
      This isn't the first time this office has gotten creative to get the word out about flu shots. Last year they produced a "Game of Thrones"-style video. The year before that a horror movie trailer was used.