Special delivery for cancer-stricken father

Cagney Wenk holds his newborn son, Levon.

Story highlights

  • Cagney Wenk was recovering from brain surgery as his fiancee went into labor
  • Staff at Boulder Community Health wheeled father from ICU to delivery ward

(CNN)There is never a good time to find out you have cancer. But the bad news couldn't have come at a worst moment for expectant father Cagney Wenk.

Three weeks before his son's due date, Wenk, 26, began suffering headaches. Doctors quickly diagnosed his brain cancer and began a grueling barrage of chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries.
On September 18, Wenk was in the ICU recovering from one of those operations. Doctors at Boulder Community Health in Colorado had cut away part of his skull to relieve pressure on the brain.