Police direct traffic around downtown Adelaide after the power network stopped working, creating a broad blackout across the city.

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Storm caused a power outage which blacked out most of Adelaide

The hashtag #AdelaideStorm was widely shared on social media

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A severe thunderstorm hit parts of Adelaide, South Australia on Wednesday evening, leaving huge swaths of the state without electricity.

Police warned it could be an extended outage and told people to stay off the roads.

“Three transmission lines and nine towers have been taken down,” they said.

The storm prompted gusts of wind up to 87 km per hour (54 mph) and hailstones which rained down in parts of the state.

The hashtag #AdelaideStorm soon gained momentum as residents turned to social media to share their experiences. People posted tweets which summed up the power outage in Adelaide.

Another tweeted about the new way she found to cook a meal.

One commenter shared a tweet after walking past a local resident who seemed familiar with epic downpours.

This Twitter user put some perspective on how many people have been affected by the storm.

Politicians were on hand with words of comfort.

Others came up with creative solutions to the problem.

The State Emergency Service issued warnings and safety precautions about the storm and the South Australia Police issued a statement including an emergency telephone number and advice on the latest weather conditions.