Tom Hanks and other celebrity wedding crashers

Tom Hanks crashes a wedding photo shoot
Tom Hanks crashes a wedding photo shoot


    Tom Hanks crashes a wedding photo shoot


Tom Hanks crashes a wedding photo shoot 00:45

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  • Hanks paused while jogging to pose with the wedding couple
  • Stars from Beyonce to Bon Jovi seem to love crashing weddings

(CNN)Your wedding photos are probably winning when Tom Hanks photobombs them.

That's exactly what happened to a newly married couple who were taking pics over the weekend in New York's Central Park when the "Sully" star happened to jog by and decided to join them.
Before you could say "Willllllllllsoooooonnnnn!" the pics were making the rounds on social media.
    Hanks helped that along by tweeting a photo with the happy couple, captioned "Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx."
    But Hanks isn't the only celeb who loves to get in on the nuptial action.
    Let's take a stroll down the aisle with some other celebrity wedding crashers.


    One woman in Portofino, Italy, ended her time among the "Single Ladies" in a big way.
    The unidentified bride reportedly got an extra wedding gift when the singer and her rapper husband Jay Z happened upon the church nuptials while they were vacationing.
    Getting a wedding pic with Beyonce is not too shabby.

    Taylor Swift

    Swift is known for the love she shows her fans, and she raised the stakes for celebrity wedding crashers in June.
    Not only did the singer show up, she served as the wedding singer, performing her hit "Blank Space."
    The song might seem an odd choice for a wedding, but according to Billboard there was a sweet story behind it.
    Swift fan Max Singer and his love Kenya Smith had married earlier at a hospital so his dying mother could be a part of the ceremony. Singer and his mother danced to "Blank Space."
    After getting a letter about this from the groom's sister, Swift secretly traveled to Brant Beach, N.J. to perform the song and honor the memory of Singer's mother.
    "When I wrote this song I never in my life imagined I would be asked to play it at a wedding," Swift told the assembled guests. "I just want to make that clear."

    Bon Jovi

    Branka Delic must have thought she was "Living On a Prayer" when rocker Bon Jovi appeared at her wedding.
    Delic is a major fan, and after hearing her plea on Facebook, the singer showed up to walk her down the aisle in Las Vegas in 2013.
    Bon Jovi graciously posed with the happy couple and the Elvis impersonator who married them.

    Serena Williams

    The tennis star made waves when she showed up at a beach wedding in Miami in 2014.
    Williams was wearing a leopard swimsuit when she happened upon the ceremony and got in on the love.

    Bill Murray

    One cannot have a conversation about crashing events and not mention this guy.
    The comedic actor has famously crashed everything from birthday and bachelor parties to a kickball game.
    And while it wasn't a wedding, Murray has to win an honorable mention for making it into the engagement photo shoot of Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers in Charleston in 2014.