The coolest experiences you can have in Africa right now

Updated 7:04 AM ET, Thu September 29, 2016
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Africa has so much to offer as a destination, beyond safaris. Here are 12 experiences Tastemakers Africa think you can't miss. Tastemakers Africa
Taste is one of the best senses to engage when exploring another country. In Morocco this is especially true. Skip the obvious restaurants and find yourself at a pop-up dinner in a local Riad for an immersive experience. Pictured here: a pop-up dinner experience from the Tastemakers mobile app held at a Senegalese owned private villa and gallery in La Palmerie. Tastemakers Africa
Lagos is known for being a bustling New York of Africa and is decidedly a business and tech hub on the continent. Scratch beneath the surface and you'll find some cool places to visit in Nigeria's business capital. One of our favorites is Lekki Conservation Center where you can get a glimpse of what the city was like before it urbanized and meet some furry friends. Tastemakers Africa
One of the best ways to experience an epic trip to the continent is to attend a festival. One of our favorites is Chale Wote - an annual street art festival produced by our friends at Accra.Dot.Alt. The mission is to democratize art and spark conversation in Accra's historic Jamestown neighborhood which is currently under threat of being destroyed. Peep DJ, thrifter, and fashion hero Steelo at last year's event. Tastemakers Africa
Dakar, Senegal is one of our favorite places in the world, from the food to the music to the beautiful beaches - there's so much to do! One of our favorite road trips is to Lac Rose, an actual pink salt lake about an hour outside of the city. Tastemakers Africa
With African fashion becoming a global phenomenon, going to the source is all the more rewarding. Here, Tastemakers Africa Curator Tshepang Modisane scopes out goods at a roadside stall in the Great Rift Valley as she heads to Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Tastemakers Africa
Travel Hack: If you're coming from the US/Europe Royal Air Maroc offers a layover in Casablanca as you head to many countries in West or Southern Africa. Some layovers are as long as 15 hours. This is a positive - Uber operates in Casablanca and can get you to the spectacular Grand Hassan Mosque in 20 minutes. Pimp your layover, grab some snaps, and thank us later! Tastemakers Africa
There are so many creatives changing the landscape of urban life across Africa through events, exhibitions, and collaboration. One of our favorite windows into this burgeoning world is Thrift Social, a monthly-ish event by brother-sister collaborators Two Many Siblings. It brings together thrifting, live music, and some epic DJ's in outdoor venues across the city. Tastemakers Africa
A visit to Senegal's Pink Lake gets you an up close and personal look at salt harvesting, it's an amazing thing to watch as men pull salt from the bottom of the lake by hand but cover themselves in shea butter to protect their skin. The results in person are even better than the photo! Tastemakers Africa
Johannesburg used to be a place where you avoid downtown. Now you'll miss out on everything if you don't go to it's revitalized urban districts. Braamfontein (or Braam for short) is home to graffiti murals by locals and international artists (like Shepard Fairey) and an array of markets and music scenes. Tastemakers Africa
We traveled to Lagos with South African actor and innovator Maps Maponyane as a part of our #SEEKAFRICA campaign. It was his first visit to Lagos so naturally we had to get immersed in the roots of Nigerian culture that has now spread throughout the world via fashion and of course afrobeats. What better place to do this than the Nike Art Gallery in Lekki! Tastemakers Africa
Eating rounds out our tour of our favorite places and this is taken beachside in Dakar. A small restaurant, formerly open to sailors only, sits just as you prepare to board the ferry to Goree Island. Plan some time in your schedule to get the grilled Thiouf, the local fish that is packed with flavor. Tastemakers Africa