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Pence sensing a 'whiff of desperation' from Democrats

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Pence spoke to CNN's Jake Tapper before the debate

He was mum on details about Trump'sdebate strategy

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Mike Pence on Monday night was tight-lipped about running mate Donald Trump’s planned debate tactics, offering an opened-ended “We’ll see where it goes” when asked.

“I think what you’ll see tonight is the same Donald Trump you’ve seen throughout this campaign,” the Indiana governor told CNN’s Jake Tapper before the presidential debate. “He’s going to be a bold truth-teller, he’s going to speak plainly.”

He added: “I think Donald Trump always speaks straight from his heart and straight from his mind.”

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Pence, on-site for the debate on Long Island at Hofstra University, said his own debate prep is more “traditional” than his running mate’s.

“My focus the last four years has been and continues to be leading the state of Indiana,” he said. “So I’ve been brushing up on all those Washington issues … but I’m looking forward to a good debate this week.”

“My only advice to him is be yourself,” he said. “I’ve come to know him over the last several months … This is a good man who I believe will make a great president of the United States.”

When asked about Trump releasing his tax returns, an issue that has been repeatedly brought up during the course of Trump’s campaign, Pence reiterated the campaign’s previous stance.

“I think Donald Trump has made it very clear that he will release his tax returns when the routine audit is complete,” he said.