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Glenn Beck was a strong advocate for Cruz

He was disappointed with Cruz's decision to back Trump

CNN  — 

Glenn Beck, a staunch Ted Cruz supporter in the 2016 GOP presidential race, interviewed the Texas senator Monday in a series of often-tense exchanges, after Cruz finally endorsed GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump.

It ended with Beck apologizing to listeners for backing Cruz.

“Do you have any new information that has made you say ‘Oh my gosh, he’s now not a sociopathic liar and now there’s suddenly a reason to believe him?’” Beck had asked Cruz on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Cruz, who in July dramatically declined to endorse Trump during his Republican National Convention, responded that the election is “is a binary choice” between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Trump.

Cruz said he was never “Never Trump,” but always “Never Hillary.”

But Beck repeatedly asked Cruz why he changed his mind and decided to back Trump.

“This is all the information you had in Cleveland,” Beck said, unsatisfied by Cruz’s answers.

“What I was trying to do in Cleveland was lay out a path to uniting Republicans,” Cruz said. “This is about principle, about ideas. That’s the test I’m applying. What I do know is that Hillary Clinton fails that test profoundly.”

After the interview concluded, Beck said for the first time, he “heard Ted Cruz calculate.”

Beck ended his conservative radio program with an apology to his listeners for supporting Cruz, adding that he should have backed Marco Rubio instead.

“That was so calculated that it was stunning to me,” Beck said. “I think I have to apologize and say, maybe, perhaps, those of you who said Ted Cruz is calculating and a smarmy politician, I think I may have to slightly agree with you and apologize for saying, ‘No, he wasn’t.’”