Don King: Trump offers way out of 'racist, sexist' system

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  • Don King, the legendary boxing promoter, is supporting Donald Trump
  • King introduced Trump at a minority voter outreach event earlier this week

Washington (CNN)Don King believes Donald Trump is the only candidate who can fix a "corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist" system -- employing several terms the GOP nominee's harshest critics have used to describe him and his campaign.

"Let me submit to a candid world ... about a system that has taken over. One thing everybody is agreeing to that it's corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist. So now no one has offered a way out of that system but Donald J. Trump," the legendary boxing promoter told CNN's Michael Smerconish Saturday.
"He said we will create a whole new system, we will take this system apart," he said. "Everybody should jump on it -- especially black people and the white woman -- because they both have been excluded and they are considered inferior and old property."
    King said Trump is the best candidate for black and female voters, two groups that are overwhelmingly supporting the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.
    Don King uses N-word while introducing Trump
    Don King uses N-word while introducing Trump


      Don King uses N-word while introducing Trump


    Don King uses N-word while introducing Trump 01:33
    "This is an election about the people and the candidates -- who's the strongest, the bravest, the most courageous. To take them out of that, there is none other than a guy named Donald J. Trump," King added. "And then we can make this thing happen where we've got a voice, included not excluded. We are the leftouts: the white woman, people of color."
    King -- who has attended both Republican and Democratic conventions over the years and is a self-described "Republicrat" -- made national news Wednesday when he used the N-word while introducing Trump at a minority voter outreach event in Ohio.
    King, who is black, said the word while arguing that African-Americans cannot achieve success by emulating white people, as they will remain "negroes."
    Trump was sitting in a chair onstage just a few feet away from King when he uttered the word and was smirking as he listened to him.
    Taking the stage moments later, Trump said King is a "phenomenal persona" and adding, "There's only one Don King."