Ig Nobel Prizes: Man who lived as alpine goat among winners

Thomas Thwaites decided to live like a goat in the Alps for three days.

Story highlights

  • The Ig Nobel Prizes honor the wackier scientific achievements of this world
  • Highlights from this years ceremony include a man who lived as a goat and another as a badger

(CNN)A man who lived like a goat in the Alps for three days. Researchers who dressed rats in woolly trousers to understand their sex lives. And scientists who investigated the personalities of rocks.

They shared a stage Thursday night, but they weren't actors in the world's weirdest pantomime.
Instead, they're just some of the winners of the 2016 Ig Nobel Prize held at Harvard University.
    "It's like the weirdest f-ing thing that you'll ever go to... it's a collection of, like, actual Nobel Prize winners giving away prizes to real scientists for doing f'd-up things...it's awesome," Amanda Palmer, a performer and writer, was quoted as saying on the Ig Nobel website.
    Goat man Thomas Thwaites bonds with an actual goat in the Alps.
    The spoof awards -- which aren't as famous as the real Nobels -- are held annually and were inspired by the Annals of Improbable Research, an American science humor magazine that celebrates and honors the wackier inventions from the scientific community.