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September 23, 2016

A retrospective on U.S. presidential debates is featured today on CNN Student News! Walk back through decades of televised face-offs and find out what influenced voters. We're also reporting on a state of emergency in North Carolina, a study that detected a heavy metal in much of America's drinking water, and a look at what could be one of the biggest cybersecurity hacks ever.
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1. What is the cheapest way to move gas or oil: through a pipeline, tanker truck, or ship?
2. Between 1915 and 1920, when U.S. consumption doubled, the West Coast developed a "famine" or shortage of what liquid?
3. A terrorism suspect is in police custody following explosions and the discovery of unexploded devices in what two U.S. states?
4. Name the body of the United Nations whose annual meeting is taking place this month at its headquarters in New York City.
5. Following the recent bombing of a truck convoy and a warehouse, the United Nations announced that it was suspending its aid convoys in what nation?
6. A group of non-profit, activist organizations recently graded U.S. fast-food chains. The grades depended on whether the restaurants' meat was raised on what substances?
7. Name the U.S. "battleground" or swing state that has 29 electoral votes and where the two main presidential candidates have spent $48 million on TV ads since the start of the general election.
8. Name the U.S. "battleground" or swing state, also known as the Keystone State, that has 20 electoral votes and where the two main presidential candidates have made multiple trips seeking support.
9. What U.S. city is under a state of emergency, following a controversial police shooting and violent protests by civilians on Tuesday and Wednesday night?
10. Name the specific heavy metal that a U.S. environmental group recently found in almost 90 percent of water systems sampled across America.
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