What happens at South Africa's Sneaker Exchange events

Published 3:09 AM ET, Thu September 22, 2016
Zaid Osman and Tebogo Mogola sneaker exchange Zaid Osman and Tebogo Mogola sneaker exchange
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Sneaker Exchange event organizers, Zaid Osman and Tebogo Mogola. Since 2013, thousands have been gathering across South Africa to buy and sell footwear at the one day event, uniting people through their love of footwear. Courtesy Ference Isaacs
The crowd gathers at Sneaker Exchange. "The first event started at a coffee shop in Woodstock, Cape Town with an attendance of about 80 people," says founder Zaid Osman. "We have now grown the event to amass well over 2,000 people, and intend to do reach out to a larger crowed this coming year end." Courtesy Ference Isaacs
Sneaker culture in general is celebrated at the events; "[Sneaker culture is] everywhere, and everywhere is different," explains Osman. "Sneakers know no color, race or creed -- all individuals from different walks of life can come together for their mutual love of sneakers." Courtesy Ference Isaacs
Johannesburg-based accessory and shoe creator, Maria McCloy, sells her wares at a Sneaker Exchange event in Cape Town. Courtesy Ference Isaacs
Hip hop artists Da L.E.S and AKA perform at Sneaker Exchange Johannesburg. "It's very energetic - there's really not any other event like it in the country," says Osman, describing it. Courtesy Paul Ward
Johannesburg-based hip hop artist Reason, whose real name is Sizwe Moeketsi, performs to an excited crowd at the Sneaker Exchange Cape Town. Courtesy Ference Isaacs
Clothes are also on sale at Sneaker Exchange events, such as these at the Cape Town event. Courtesy Optical Noise
Zaid Osman's own sneaker store, Lost Property, hosts a pop-up shop at one of the Sneaker Exchange events. Courtesy Ference Isaacs