Rice: Unassuming and everywhere.

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Our latest #CNNFood Challenge looks at that everyday staple: Rice

The humble cereal is an essential ingredient in cuisines worldwide

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From risotto alla Milanese to bibimbap, from sushi to jollof, the rice has been the unsung hero of delicious dishes worldwide since it was first domesticated in China more than 8,000 years ago.

It’s so essential a food staple that in Chinese, the word for rice also means meal.

In the latest CNN Food Challenge, we’re celebrating the modest ingredient that enhances sushi’s umami and risotto’s creaminess.

Whether it’s a classic national dish or a recipe invented in your own kitchen, we want to hear about your favorite rice dish.

Share with us by taking a picture of the dish and posting it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #CNNFood by October 16.

Best posts will have a chance to be featured on CNN.

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