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Woman who found second Chelsea bomb: It looked like something a kid made

woman called in unexploded ny bomb intv jane schreibman newday_00003108
woman called in unexploded ny bomb intv jane schreibman newday_00003108


    Woman's tip leads to second bomb


Woman's tip leads to second bomb 01:23

Story highlights

  • Jane Schreibman thought the bomb was just someone's garbage
  • She called police and they immediately made it a high priority

(CNN)When photographer Jane Schreibman spotted an odd-looking cooking pot outside her apartment in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood Saturday night, she first thought it was old garbage or "something a kid was making."

She ignored it at first, walking a few blocks over to 23rd Street, where a bomb had just gone off that injured 29 people. But New York's famous slogan, "If you see something, say something," was in the back of her mind.
In an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota Tuesday, Schreibman described coming to the conclusion that the pot might be something more sinister than just trash. She called police, who told her it was a high priority and came right away. When she went to meet them on the sidewalk, they told her to run and get off the block.
    "Up until that point, I thought, 'Better safe than sorry,'" she said. "Who would think there's a pressure cooker bomb on 27th Street, the most nondescript street in the city?"
    Schreibman ran to a friend's home, where she said they played Scrabble until 3 a.m. She made her way home eventually, escorted by a detective.
    Watching video of bombing suspect Ahmed Khan Rahami walking through her neighborhood, Schreibman told Camerota that it was scary.
    "Everyone that walks by you, you don't know what they're really up to."