Ivanka Trump, Paul Ryan meet

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  • House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have had a tense relationship throughout the campaign
  • Ryan was in New York to address a luncheon

Washington (CNN)Ivanka Trump, the Republican presidential nominee's daughter, met with House Speaker Paul Ryan in New York on Monday, an aide to the Republican congressman confirmed to CNN.

The meeting was requested by Ivanka Trump, according to the speaker's office.
"It was a productive conversation where Ryan spoke about his 2012 experience and Ivanka shared updates about her father's campaign," the aide said.
    Ryan was in town to address a luncheon at the Economic Club of New York.
    Ryan and Donald Trump have had a tense relationship throughout the 2016 campaign.
    After Trump became the presumptive nominee, Ryan publicly hesitated to endorse him, saying he needed time to decide. He eventually did endorse Trump, and the two have met. But Ryan has also remained critical of some of Trump's policies and rhetoric.
    Trump has returned the favor to Ryan, echoing his wait-and-see language on endorsing the speaker during his primary race.
    Ivanka Trump is one of Trump's closest confidantes. She has also been involved in policy development, recently pushing her father to unveil a childcare proposal.
    Ryan boasted about his own daughter's new political position during his speech on Monday, revealing that she won a school election to become vice president of her 9th grade class at her high school in Wisconsin.
    "It goes to show that at least somebody in our family can get elected to vice president, so we broke that curse," Ryan, who served as the GOP's 2012 vice presidential nominee joked.