Five things for Friday September 16: North Pole. Syria ceasefire. A gas leak.

aleppo ceasefire pleitgen pkg_00002413
aleppo ceasefire pleitgen pkg_00002413


    Aleppo residents get a break from the ceasefire


Aleppo residents get a break from the ceasefire 01:59

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(CNN)You've made it! It's Friday. Here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Syria civil war

There's not a single building left intact. And smoke is still rising, even though fighting stopped several days earlier. CNN's Fred Pleitgen took a drive through Aleppo where a tenuous ceasefire holds. He saw a boy hauling tree branches because his parents wanted to make a proper dinner for the family now that they didn't have to fear shelling. It's a must-read. Elsewhere, 75,000 people are trapped in a refugee camp on the Jordan-Syria border.

2. North Pole

    Bad news, polar bears and polar bear lovers (ie all of us): Ice levels at the North Pole have shrunk to their second lowest level ever. The arctic ice shrinks every spring and summer because, duh, it gets warmer, but it's alarming how much the ice shrunk this year given the mild season. The implications could be huge since the arctic ice works as the planet's thermostat.

    3. Campaign 2016

    We could talk about Hillary Clinton's return to the trail, or how Ivanka Trump cut off a Cosmo reporter. Or the backlash from Donald Trump Jr.'s "gas chamber" remark. Or how the birther controversy is still a thing. What we really should be talking about is how, when it comes to candidates, the American people care about things the rest of the world definitely does not. Great read on that here.

    4. UNC rape case

    The woman who accused a University of North Carolina football player of raping her in February was on CNN Thursday to talk about the aftermath of reporting the incident. According to alleged victim Delaney Robinson, police asked her inappropriate questions like "Did you even say no?" and "How many men have you slept with?" She called the process, and the demeanor of authorities handling the case "infuriating" and "disgusting."

    5. Pipeline spill

    If you're on the East coast and notice your gas prices suddenly spike, here's why: A section of a major gas pipeline which runs from Houston to New York is still closed after a spill last Friday. It may not get back up and running until next week, which could leave suppliers dry. In fact, the governors of Alabama and Georgia have already declared states of emergency.

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