Five things for Thursday September 15: Medical records. A ceasefire update. A new monument.

Clinton campaign releases detailed medical documents
Clinton campaign releases detailed medical documents


    Clinton campaign releases detailed medical documents


Clinton campaign releases detailed medical documents 02:52

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(CNN)The candidates release their medical info... The ceasefire deal holds steady... And the US is getting a the water? It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

The medical records are coming! The Clinton campaign released more of Hillary's medical information on Wednesday, and her personal doctor said other than the mild, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia she's currently fighting, Clinton's physical exams are "normal" and she "has remained healthy." Meanwhile, Trump DID release some medical info during a Dr. Oz Show taping yesterday. Other than an affinity for fast food and a dislike of exercise, Trump's doc says he is the "epitome" of health.

2. Syria

    Some cautiously optimistic news: Russia and the US have agreed to extend the nationwide ceasefire in Syria for another 48 hours. So far, the agreement has been fairly successful at maintaining peace, but aid convoys still haven't been able to get humanitarian aid into areas of the country that need it most. That's a big problem, since this sort of help was one of the big reasons the ceasefire was implemented in the first place.

    3. US Marines

    New documents reveal alleged hazing incidents at Parris Island, a Marine Corps training center where a Muslim recruit committed suicide in March. According to the documents, a drill instructor once ordered another Muslim recruit to climb into into a clothes dryer. There were other incidents, too, that involved slapping, hitting and stress positions. The Marines are considering charges against 20 individuals involved in the alleged abuse.

    4. Pakistan

    Six people are dead and at least 150 injured after a horrific train crash in Pakistan. It started and ended in tragedy: A passenger train collided with a freight train after the freight train had stopped so officials could remove the body of a suicide victim from the tracks. The passenger train, the Awam Express, is one of the longest passenger trains in the world.

    5. Atlantic marine monument

    President Obama is planning on designating a new monument today, and it's underwater! The first Atlantic national marine monument spans 4,913 square miles of undersea canyons and peaks that start just south of Cape Cod. Why the watery destination? It's an environmental thing: The designation would prohibit commercial activity and development on the site.

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