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September 16, 2016

This Friday, CNN Student News' continuing coverage of the 2016 U.S. presidential race focuses on a recent poll centered on two battleground states and explains what it takes to run a national campaign. A controversial plan to allow more refugees into the U.S., a report on a new type of bike helmet, and a look at planned changes to pro football stadiums round out our coverage.
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1. What is the name of the New York City skyscraper that measures 1,776 feet tall and whose footprint was designed to be identical to that of the Twin Towers?
2. Every year on September 11, a national day of service and remembrance takes place in the U.S. By what name is this day known?
3. Name the former British prime minister who resigned altogether from the British government Monday, less than three months after he stepped down from his leadership position.
4. A nearly $1 billion NASA mission aims to reach and return dust from what kind of space object?
5. Brad Ludden, the founder of a non-profit that gives free outdoor adventures to young adults with cancer, is also known for his professional accomplishments in what sport?
6. Name one of the two outside countries that recently organized a ceasefire between Syrian government forces and the rebels fighting them.
7. Typhoon Meranti struck the southern part of what island before making landfall on mainland China?
8. Name one of the two companies involved in the largest planned business takeover so far this year.
9. What's another term for "battleground state," a place where voters could choose either a Republican or Democratic candidate for president?
10. What U.S. organization is pledging an additional $100 million toward head injury research, with up to one-third of its former players expected to develop long-term brain problems?
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