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How Donald Trump reacted when his teleprompter broke

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Issues with a teleprompter popped up several times Wednesday

In the past he rejected the use of teleprompters

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Donald Trump ran into problems Thursday as he began delivering a speech outlining his economic vision for the country when he noticed the teleprompter was not working.

“I just wanted to say that it’s always a lot of fun when the people don’t have the teleprompter working. And that’s OK. Luckily I brought some notes,” Trump said as he held up the notes he read from for the first few minutes of his speech.

Trump, who once rejected teleprompters but has now used a teleprompter at all but one public campaign event in the last month, then switched back to reading his speech from the device once it came back online.

Donald Trump loses battle with teleprompter in GOP acceptance speech

“Everything broken today can be fixed and every failure can be turned into a great success,” Trump said, referring to the problems he sees in the US.

“Just look at the way I just melded into the teleprompter,” Trump said to laughter from the crowd. “Who else could have pulled that off?”

But the Republican nominee’s issues with the teleprompter panels he used on Thursday during his address to the Economic Club of New York didn’t end there.

As he sat down for a moderated discussion of his economic proposals, a young man stood on stage behind him, taking apart one of the teleprompter panels.

“He’s a little late, right?” Trump said, getting laughs from the audience. “I had nothing to do with it.”